The Itsy Bitsy Spider


The kids are attending a program this week where they are learning about insects. It’s like a bug camp. And a vacation Bible school. No, I am not entirely sure how that works but, the children are enjoying themselves so, I am going to let it slide.

Well, for yesterday’s class, the boys were given homework. They were to capture live bugs and bring them to camp. To preserve my sanity, I chose to be completely uninvolved in the insect procurement process.

The boys captured a caterpillar and….a spider. A big spider. A spider that was placed in a jar with a sandwich bag loosely covering it. That is not nearly secure enough to reassure me that the spider will not escape in to my house. Nope.

Well, Robert became rather attached to his spider friend. I am still quite horrified by that. He carried around his spider all day. He clung to that jar as if he was afraid someone was going to take his jar, empty the spider outside (far from the house) and return the jar to the kitchen table, while preparing to look shocked and saddened when the spider’s escape was discovered.

I would never do such a thing!

Well, while Robert was awake, at least…

Let’s just say I am anticipating a rough morning today. I think I am going to have to get this kid a goldfish or something.


2 thoughts on “The Itsy Bitsy Spider

  1. My youngest found a spider in her lunch box this morning. Thankfully daddy is home sick and got to deal with it!

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