It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…


Update on the Super Shoes:

Robert is scheduled for a fitting on July 12th. The impatient part of me is horrified because I wanted him in his orthotic 2 months ago. But, I am trying to take more of a zen approach to this.

That is a little difficult because the prescribing doctor/therapist and the orthotic company are navigating the business world as if it were 1982.

I returned a call yesterday from the orthotic maker. I was immediately put on hold to enjoy the dulcet tones of Simon and Garfunkle’s mellow hits as arranged for soprano saxophone and electric keyboard. I was in a nearly irreversible coma by the time someone took me off hold.

“Hi!” chirped the lady on the other end of the phone. “We would like to schedule a fitting with Robert.”

Yes. Yes, we would.

“It looks like we have the following dates and times open…”  The lady rattled off a handful of appointments and I picked the one that was most likely to fit, given my work schedule.

“Okay!…..Um. I am going to have to call over to the therapist to make sure it’s still actually open. Can I put you on hold again?”

Wait. We’re sharing a scheduling book between two locations and no one is keeping up on which appointments are still free? If only they had a program online that could allow for easy scheduling that would be visible and editable to many different users. If only. Right, Google?

Anyway. I was suffering through the third verse of the most dirge-like rendering of “Mrs. Robinson” I’ve ever heard when my chipper little scheduler came back on the line.

“Well, no one was picking up over there so….I am not really sure if this appointment is available. But, I will give you a call to re-schedule if it’s filled!”

Oh. Okay.

Well, it’s been one day and no one has left me any frantic messages to reschedule. But, if we show up on the 12th and there is another family there booked on top of us, I will insist we select who gets to keep the appointment by having an American Gladiator-style bout. Robert is a sassy little guy and he’s been lusting after his super shoes for quite a while. He will take the other kid DOWN.


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