Mommy Burnout


Every once in a while I hit the wall. I get a serious case of Mommy Burnout.

Right now my laundry list leading up to burnout involves deadlines and pressure at work, sweaty hot weather, training setbacks for my marathon, some anemia problems, Daddy on midnight shift at work (boy, I never realized how much that can throw a whole family’s schedule off), zillions of appointments, a three year old who refuses to sleep anywhere but on top of ME, a tight budget, parades and concerts, a musical….

And an actual laundry list. Seriously. My laundry room is growing another Mount St. Laundry. Again.

I am burned out. I would like nothing more than to sit in an air-conditioned room with a large bag of chips and salsa. Then I would like to eat and watch mindless TV shows. And take a nap. I definitely want to take a nap.

There is a lot of easy advice out there for these situations. Take a break! Do something nice for yourself! Have that nap, you deserve it.

A nap is only pleasant when you are 95% sure you will not wake up to a house full of Giant Mess.

So, how to get through the burnout? I, for one, am going to look for Nemo and just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

And count my blessings.

Money is tight? That’s okay. Some people are so poor, all they have is money. We have so much more than that.

Work is rough? We have jobs. I remember a time in the not so distant past when we didn’t. Boy, that was a lot harder than worrying about who sleeps when…

Aili won’t sleep anywhere but on top of me? ….Okay. That just sucks. She kicks a lot and her bladder is like a very touchy time-bomb. Living in constant fear of waking up in a puddle with a toe up your nose is one of the worst ways to spend a night.

But, it IS with Aili. She’s pretty cute. And they tell me she will grow up pretty fast. And there is something sweet about her wanting to be as close to me as possible.

She could definitely lay off the footwork, though.


Are you burning out? Solidarity with you. We can make it through this, lady and/or sir. Keep on being amazing. 🙂



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