We Survived the Holiday!


I hope all you Americans out there had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day. Someday I hope to actually enjoy that holiday. But, unless I break both of my legs, I don’t see that happening.

Holidays that involve parades are my downfall because I love marching band. So, I do foolish things like don a wool jacket to march through the parade with a tuba, change uniforms at the end, grab a trumpet, and march though with another group. It’s completely ridiculous. Especially on a sweltering hot day.

But, this is what I do. Also, the kids get a kick out of seeing me march past twice. It’s like Mom’s Coolest Magic Trick. Though, by the second pass they had already had so much sugar and stimulation, they were vibrating on the curb. I am not quite sure how their Grandma kept them in check at that point.

Seeing how excited they get when a band marches by give me hope, though. I am really hoping to raise a bunch of little band nerds. (Hey, teach what you know…) And although I saw very few parades as a child (I was always in them. Always.) I remember having that same reaction to a marching band.

Hopefully they are smarter than me and refuse to carry the tuba, though. Oh, my back… 🙂


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