Small Setback


We got a call the other day pushing Robert’s orthotic fitting back to the 18th. (I should have known that when they said, “We’ll call you if that time doesn’t work with the therapist” it wasn’t going to be a call like, that day. It was going to be a call 2 weeks later, days before the appointment.)

I am pretty bummed. I was so excited to see Robert finally get his super shoes. I know he is beyond ready to finally take those things out of the box. (The shoes he picked out for modifying are a pair of green and grey skateboard-style shoes. He thinks they are the best things since sliced bread and is keeping them pristine in their box until they become super. He goes in the closet and peeks at them every once in a while.)

I think the worst part of this is that he has been told that we are doing this on Thursday. So, he knows it’s soon. I guess I am going to have to go ahead and keep cycling through Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday for the next 8 days. (And he frequently asks me what day it is, so I am going to have to keep my story straight on which day I am telling him it currently is.) Good thing he hasn’t quite gotten the days of the week down yet…

Happy…uh…Monday, everyone!


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