The Myth


Imagine for a second you had a unicorn in your backyard that farted rainbows and dollar bills. It sang to you with a voice just like Adele, but was kind enough not to sing any of her over-played radio hits. It was your best friend and new money-maker.

Now I am going to have you imagine something even more unbelievable.

Imagine this: I SLEPT IN TODAY.

No, seriously! I swear it’s true!

Brandon had plans with the kids early and I had the morning off so, after being briefly mauled by three children, I stayed in that bed and dozed until I FELT LIKE GETTING UP.

So, 8:10AM.

Interesting fun fact: Children are like bears. If they jump in your bed, don’t panic. Just lay perfectly still and play dead. They will eventually leave. Or crawl under the covers with you. Either way, you are still in bed and that is all that really matters at this point.

I am sure there is going to be some kind of payback for this later. (No day can start this smoothly and end well, too. It’s the Law of Parenting.) But, for now I am going to enjoy sitting around in my pajamas for a few more minutes while enjoying a bowl of cereal (without having to share!).

And I will be on the lookout for unicorns. I mean, you really never know…


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