And Then My Brain Exploded


I knew I would have to pay for sleeping in somehow…

This morning, I heard the phone ringing while everyone was still in bed. I didn’t make it upstairs in time so, I listened to the answering machine take the call. It was the office that was doing Robert’s orthotic fitting. I had called them yesterday morning to ask them about the date switch on his appointment. (Like, seriously, why WAS it switched without asking us about it?)

“Hi,” started the message. “Well, it looks like Robert IS scheduled for today for his fitting….but then I have it switched to the 18th. So, I am going to go ahead and call the other fitter that is working with us and tell him to come then.”

I frantically called the number back to tell her we can come today. NOW. The appointment was scheduled for 7:30am and it was 7:03am, but I WILL GET THERE.

And her phone goes directly to voicemail.

Oh. So, THAT’S how today is going to start. Cool.


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