The Bed Ninja


I had been wondering for a while how Aili would sneak in to my bed without being noticed whenever Brandon was on midnight shift. Well, last night I couldn’t sleep and got my answer.

It was around midnight when I sensed the door to the bedroom was opening. A slight change in lighting confimed that the door was, in fact, being pushed open very slowly.

I heard little feet padding across the room. I saw the top of a head sneaking around on the other side of the bed and knew this was my chance to catch Ninja Aili: Bedhog in action.

I heard one of the under-bed drawers being pulled out slowly. Aili climbed in to the drawer and used it as a stepping stool. Then, she carefully and slowly slithered on to the bed, taking care to be silent.

The memory foam mattress top made it almost impossible to feel her movement, but I could now see her wiggling on her belly, inching on to the bed. Once she was on, she commandeered Brandon’s pillows and pulled the covers up around her.

I heard a contented sigh and watched her fall in to a deep and peaceful sleep.

That stinker!

Now….how do I get her out without waking her up? She’s so precious when she’s asleep. 😉


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