I took the kids to see a movie in the theatre for the first time this weekend. I know, some kids have been basically seeing films since birth in the theatre but, I was pretty leery about my children’s potential behavior.

And, to be fair, when my parents took me to see the Care Bears movie when I was a wee tot, I asked to leave after the previews were over because I was completely done with the movie-viewing experience.

Basically, my expectations were not very high.

But, I still went to the theatre well-armed. We had a purse full of snacks, buckets of popcorn, and many prayers.

We went to see “Brave”. It was, like all Pixar films, visually stunning, but it wan’t as exciting for little kids as some of their previous work. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the movie was great, but it didn’t do the best job of holding the three-year old’s attention. And my boys, obviously, would have enjoyed more kilt humor. They thought any instance of a kilt being lifted or taken off was hysterical. (It was, but…)

For the most part, we survived the movie. We only needed one group potty break, Peter only tried to sneak in to “Ted” once, and our only snack spillage involved popcorn. (Okay, it was a LOT of popcorn, but it could have been much, much worse.)

Robert gets the award for best focus. Once the movie started, he was glued to the screen. I would have never predicted that.

Peter was quiet and reasonably focused as long as his popcorn and lemonade containers were full. Once that was gone,

Aili had much more predictable behavior. She watched the movie, ate snacks, had to pee, danced around in the aisles, and attempted to climb the wall to touch the screen. But, she did make it to the end. That’s something I sure couldn’t do at her age.


One thought on “Brave

  1. I take my 4 yr old to see a lot of movies, actually when she was a baby we went every week to a mommy and me show. I agree with what you say about Brave — it’s really not that captivating for very young children. I think it’s great for maybe 7yo’s and up. The new Madagascar movie was much better, full of singing and dancing animals and non-stop humour.

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