Work has become my sanctuary. I can escape the madness of my house, there’s free candy, and it’s air-conditioned. Yes, life is sweet at The Bank.

But, wouldn’t you know, every once in a while, someone just has to pass out in the middle of a first aid training class, be hauled to the hospital, and need to be taken care of.

On my lunch break.

My husband was the lucky winner of a first class ride in an ambulance today. And it was this incident that made me realize I have turned in to my mother.

Once upon a time, 14-year-old me got her finger slammed in a car door. The impact broke my finger and rather brutally removed my finger nail. It was highly unpleasant. I ran in to the house, shouting for my mother. She, apparently, thought I was shouting about something awesome, like I found a puppy. When she came bounding down the stairs to see me standing there in a puddle on blood, she lost her mind. She ran around “helping” and my dad told her to just get in the car. She had already assembled me a bag of ice. For a bleeding finger. No gauze or towels. Just ice.

We still haven’t quite let her live that down.

Flash forward to today when I got the call that my husband was in an ambulance in front of his work. I told them I would be there right away and that I knew where his work home was.

This was Mom Brain Nonfunctionality because:

1. I walked to work and did not have a car to drive to him.

2. I really didn’t know where he was. I mean, I THOUGHT I knew where I was going, but I was wrong. Good thing I have a very understanding boss who was willing to drive all over the place and find it with me.

After everything calmed down, I realized this was totally something my mom would have done. I used to be good in emergency situations, but now I am my mother. Oh no.

I should have brought some ice.


3 thoughts on “Emergency!

  1. You do realize you just wrote an entire post about your hubby getting an ambulance ride and didn’t end with saying “BTW, he’s ok.” Don’t leave us hanging! We’re holding our breaths in desperate anticipation of his well-being….turning blue…call 911…drive around in circles finding me on the East coast….

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