Super Fly Super Shoes


Robert has had his super shoes for almost a week now. He is in love with their coolness, but they make his feet tired fast. I guess that is a common problem when you are used to compensating for a short limb. So, he is a little frustrated with his shoes right now and doesn’t want to wear them as much as he needs to.

So, this weekend, I decided to do some fancy lacing on his shoes to encourage him to wear them. They sell trendy shoes with 8 mile long laces these days because, apparently, turning your shoe laces in to a pot holder is the “in” thing right now.

I spent my Saturday evening cursing at a small, green and gray shoe, trying to perfect the art of “checker board shoelaces”. Okay, so it wasn’t that hard, but it was relatively time consuming. Here is the result of my foul mouth:

You’d never know this was a modified orthotic shoe because SOMEONE is awesome at weaving shoelaces.

There is only one problem with these sweet kicks… (I wanted to say “pumped up kicks” but, that Foster the People song is definitely about a child named Robert who shoots people. Not so much the image I am going for here…)

I have two other children who are now insisting I get extra laces and do this to their shoes, too.

And one of them does not understand that her shoes have velcro tabs, making souped up shoe laces a literal impossibility.



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