Under Where?


Aili came padding in to my room yesterday morning. She crawled up in to the bed and snuggled in to “her spot”. She was, curiously, completely naked.

“Where are your clothes, little girl?” I asked her.

She was busy getting comfortable so, she didn’t answer.

“Aili, where are you underwear?”

“Upstairs,” she replied.

“What are they doing up there?” I asked, knowing I now had some of her attention.

“They like it up there,” she said casually.

Oh, really now.

“Are you sure that’s why your undies are upstairs?”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why her underwear were not on her body.

“Uh huh!” she confirmed.

“Did you have a little accident?” I asked, hoping that it wasn’t one that involved anything more than urine.

“Um…..maybe?” said a small voice from under the covers.

Ah, so perhaps those underwear are upstairs for other reasons.

Not just because they like it up there.

But, they DO like it up there!


(Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. There were some power outages that prevented me from blogging.)


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