Natural Performers


I am sure you saw what happened last time we tried to put the children on stage.

Well, lasst night my husband tried again. Peter sat in the audience, Aili ran around the room like she was on fire, and Robert stood with the group and just stared as though he was about to be executed.

I believe the term my husband used to describe them was “choreography challenged”.

I, ironically, missed this lovely spectacle because it was the opening night for the musical I am in. (Grease is the word, ya’ll.)

I try to be fair and remember i didn’t really start to enjoy theatre until I was in high school. So, the kids still have time. But, I think I may had to come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t look likely that we will ever be playing the Cratchit family in Scrooge.

Well, Robert would make a good mini-ghost of Christmas future. If we could just get him to point at a tombstone menacingly…



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