Sometimes I like to just sit and listen to the kids talking to each other. Yesterday I was listening to them play and talk. Perhaps they would say something precious…

I tried to listen for a good quote from Aili, but she currently thinks she’s a cat so, she speaks entirely in meows. Not very quotable.

And Peter…well, he’s really discovered potty humor. His newest trick is to get his hands wet in the sink and then rub them on someone while telling them he just peed on himself. So, he is really full of charming quotes.

But, Robert is a goldmine. I am pretty sure he talks just to hear his own voice.  Here is an abridged version of his lecture on edible homes:

“What if our whole house was made of Pop Tarts? What if the whole WORLD was made of Pop Tarts?! Then I would eat it all. No, wait. Not the whole world. Just the houses. Then we would still have places to stand. And we could have trees that grew Pop Tarts. Then we could always grow more. But, I might get fat. But, I still want a house of Pop Tarts. The doors can be Cookies and Cream and the walls can be S’mores. And extra sprinkles on the roof…”

See, not only does he have a vivid imagination, but he ha a very clearly defined love for Pop Tarts.


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