It’s still a month away, but they are ready.

The boys have their backpacks packed, lunch boxes at the ready, new shoes and jeans in their dressers, pencils and crayons in little tins, notebooks, folders, markers, tissues, and even anti-bacterial wipes.

My twins are ready for Kindergarten.

If I were to tell them today was the day, they already know what they want to wear on the first day. They would get dressed faster than lightning and be straining at the bit to get to the bus stop.

They are ready to grow up.

Am I ready?

Well, I am certainly ready for them to be back to school. Who knew two little boys could unclean a house without fail every single day of summer?  But, I don’t know if I am ready for them to go to Kindergarten. I vividly remember the red dress I wore to school on my very first day of Kindergarten. If I can vividly remember ANYTHING, that means it couldn’t have been that long ago. Surely my kids aren’t old enough to be going to school. I am not far enough removed from school myself. Right?

My Kindergarten dress hasn’t fit me in 25 years, you say? Oh. Well, I guess I might be old enough to have Kindergarteners.

But, they need to promise me they will stop growing up so fast. I think they are definitely growing two years for every one of mine and that is just not fair!


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