Dad Guest Blog #4


Tina is ON VACATION!!!  For a week!

I’m now officially on a mission to help her make the most of her vacation time.

Normally, the children will come down to our bedroom at the very crack of dawn (because apparently all toddlers are dairy farmers at heart) and start hopping on mamma, demanding to be fed.  I usually pretend not to hear any of this but since Tina is ON VACATION, I got up and fed the children some nutritious sugar-fortified cereal (I would’ve opted for oatmeal, but we seem to be out and they just pour sugar on it anyway, and we currently have no bacon, a topic on which I will be having a very serious discussion with Tina…)

I think it would also have been nice to cook Tina breakfast because she’s ON VACATION, but if you’re familiar with her dietary “quirks,” you’ll know that this would have been a real minefield, especially for someone who cooks non-boxed items maybe once a year.  So I could have attempted breakfast, but spending the day with the paramedics would have put a bit of a wrench in our plans.  So, really, I did her a favor.

Later today, I’ll treat her to a romantic trip to pay the rent, then I’ll whisk her away to the bigger town nearby to fax some fabulous documents to a star-studded bureaucracy, then wrap her in the picture of luxury as we try to figure out ways to be in two different places at once with just one vehicle.  I know you’re jealous.

So my mission?  So far…well…at least she’s not dealing with bank customers, right?


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