Family Time


We don’t get to spend a whole lot of time together as a family, all five of us. My husband and I work opposite shifts so, finding a day when we can all be together is a little difficult.

Yesterday, however, we were all together and we weren’t over-burdened with plans. We were going to have a family day!

I had heard of a waterfall not too far away from us that we had never been to. The internet told me that Black River Falls was a short hike off a clearly marked road. It was perfect.

Michigan is full of tiny county roads and seasonal dirt roads. I haven’t the faintest clue why some of them even exist. They don’t appear to actually go anywhere. They just wind through the woods forever.

We decided to explore the vast majority of them.

Not only did we never find the “clearly marked road” to the falls, but we traveled down one of the dirt roads so long, we ended up in a different county. It was like a scene out of Deliverance. There were wooden signs telling us how many miles we were from home (way too many, considering the surroundings), beer cars decorating the trees, and I swear I heard a banjo.

So, there was no family hike. The family get-lost-in-the-van-for-3-hours was pretty successful, though. We can do that very well.


2 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Glad you had time together!
    Be assured you arent missing much by having not seen the Black River Falls. I had the same adventurous optimism years ago when I’d heard of this lovely outdoor destination – only to be quite disappointed by an overgrown mole hill made of rocks with water running over it…

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