Never Again


Yesterday was my first day back to work after my week of  “relaxing” vacation. Anyone with children know that there really is no such thing as relaxing on any sort of vacation with children, but I got as close as possible.

I was happy to get back in to the swing of things at work, but I paid for it dearly. The children were displeased with my sudden absence and decided to systematically try to off on another while I was gone and then scare the daylights out of me once i came back.

While I was gone, Aili did a lovely swan dive on to pavement, resulting in a rather impressive bloody nose and leaving a goose egg on her forehead. Robert and Peter ran around acting like hyenas and driving their father nuts.

Once I got home, the real fun began. The over-excited children got too grabby on each other and ended up fighting. Aili was, once again, a victim and got a bloody lip. For the hat trick of her injuries, Aili fell out of bed and started to wail. There was, fortunately, no blood involved.

Peter, never to be outdone, swan dived out of his bed and on to a chair. He bit through his lip, leaving behind a new loose tooth and an impressive gouge in his lip.

Robert remained surprisingly injury-free. But, I have a feeling he had a hand in orchestrating the day’s events so, I am keeping my eye on him.

And I have decided there is a moral to this story. I am just not sure if it’s “Never take vacation” or, “Never go back to work”.


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