The Car


Thankfully, my second day back to work resulted in fewer injuries than my first did.

Okay, we still had to fight with Aili a little bit, but it wasn’t TOO bad. (I have no idea why that girl insists on trying to drag her slide on to the sidewalk. Didn’t you learn your lesson about that already??)

And I got to have a nice chat with Robert while my husband was wrestling a plastic slide away from our daughter.

We went to a local playplace with the boys and Robert, ever the thinker, was very concerned about the structural integrity of one of the parts of the playland. It was a car that jutted off the top of the structure and, yes, it didn’t look very sturdy but I am 90% sure there is some kind of standard insisting that it’s reinforced and won’t just fall off.

“Mom, that car,” Robert said plainly, just looking at me.

“Is it going to fall?”

“No sweetie,” I reassured him. “They made it so it looks a little scary, but it’s safe.”

I’m pretty sure that’s true.

Robert was unconvinced. “I went in there. It wiggles.”

“It’s okay.”

“How do you know? You’ve never been in it!”

I considered proving a point by going up in the car to show him it was okay. I looked at the little car, hovering ten feet above the ground, only accessible by crawling through many feet on tiny, plastic tubing.

I guess we are going to have to go ahead and be scared of that car. Huh.



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