Aili On Music


I was driving home from and epic grocery shopping trip with Aili. I decided to put on the radio.

“Whip It” by Devo was the first song we landed on.

“No, Mama,” Aili complained. “That’s a boy song.”

Now, the singing hadn’t started yet and she doesn’t know the song at all, but “boy” is synonymous with “bad” for her. I guess that comes with having two older brothers.

So I surfed around until I found what could only be described as a bitchin’ rock ballad from the early ’90’s. (I didn’t know the song, but I have a feeling Eddie Vedder was singing in it. I couldn’t understand a word and it had that I’m-at-the-dentist-singing-while-the-hygienist-has-her-arm-halfway-to-my-colon kind of a quality.)

“This is good,” said Aili. “That’s a girl song!” I almost drove off the road because she started slowly headbanging to the music back in her carseat.

I am not sure if I think it’s awesome that my daughter’s favorite music involves so much hair and spandex. (Calling Eddie Vedder a girl sort of makes sense in a 3 year old way, though. Remember that hair?!) But, I am disappointed that Devo has been relegated to a “boy” band. (You know, if she knew the close connection between Rugrats and Devo, I bet she’d warm up to them….)

Poor Devo.


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