We signed Aili up for dance classes today.  She’s no Honey Boo Boo Child, but she has some pretty sweet moves and more energy than a neutron star so, we decided it was time to channel this in to dance. Lucky for me, I was in a musical this summer and reconnected with an exceptional dancer I knew in high school who conveniently owns a dance studio. This was meant to be.

So, we hauled Aili to the studio today to sign up for classes. Her little eyes lit up when she got to take off her shoes and enter the wide, open studio. Mirrors! Music! Other small children!

Aili was in heaven. She began doing every dance move she could think of. She only really spins in circles and then does somersaults for her “moves” so, it looked pretty spastic, but she was having a blast.

I let her go wild, running and dancing with the other little girls while I paid her tuition and got her schedule. Then, I informed her it was time to go.

“No! I wanna stay here!” she whined, still running around like a blonde blur.

“Okay,” I said.

I was going to pull the old, “I am leaving then! See ya later!” fake-out to get her to come running after me.

“See ya, Aili!” I called as I turned to leave.

“WAIT!” she screamed.

Aili came pelting over to me and I was mentally patting myself on the back for getting her to come semi-willingly.

“I want a hug and kiss before you go!” she firmly stated, holding out her arms for her good by hug.

Ooh. She got me.

Fortunately, I am still bigger than her and I caught her in that good bye hug and bolted out with her before she could protest too much.

I think I still ended up losing that battle in the grand scheme of things…


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