Dad Guest Blog #5


Just to be clear:  Tina didn’t run off and join a commune or anything.

Last week, our laptop’s power cord and battery died on the same day.  After a simple but poignant funeral service wherein the children learned important lessons about life and death and the infuriating nature of shoddy manufacturing practices, we put a new cord on order and got it on Monday.

Everything would have been back to normal at that point, but then she got a big promotion by the bank where she works and had to start getting herself ready for a month of training in Minneapolis.

So that’s that for the time being.  I’m not sure how much computer access she’ll have, but I’ll post something here on occasion (if I remember) just to keep the ball rolling.  I’m sure the children are off doing something “adorable”  or “horrifying” as we speak.

If you want more from me, I have an actively-updated Facebook page you could visit and “like.”


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