We’re Baaaaack!


It has been a whirlwind month, but I am back!

I learned how incredibly difficult it is to be a parent with a job that involves travelling. I will never again take my 20 minute commute to work for granted. Being 8 hours away from my family for the better part of a month was quite the eye-opening experience.

Each of the kids learned to deal with it in different ways. Robert got sullen and refused to talk to me on the phone. (He grumbled that I was on vacation without him.) Peter would talk on the phone and sounded so small and lonely every time we spoke. It broke my heart. But, Aili, as usual, took the cake. She was a bubbly little critter whenever I called home, but the second I actually came home? She became a permanent fixture on my side. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without her constant companionship.  If this trip was hard on the kids, it was many times worse for me. By the end I was turning in to an angry bear, looking for her cubs.

Life is slowly settling back in to place now. Aili only needs to hang on me 80% of the time!

So, now I need to get back on schedule with blogging. They kids are back on schedule with antics worthy of re-telling, after all.


My cubs in their cave.


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