A Note Home

Funny Business, parenting fail

One of the boys got in trouble.

I want to add, “Again…” to that, but in all honesty, this guy has been doing pretty good this year. This was his first “Note to Parents” this year.

But, as with everything he does, it was either go big or go home. So he got himself in to big trouble. Apparently, he had hidden a note home about misbehavior a few days ago because he didn’t want to get in trouble which, of course, got him in deeper trouble.

“Peter, you need to give us your notes right away. You’ll only get yourself in to more trouble if you hide them,” I told my very sheepish little boy. “Now, what were you hiding in the first place? ….You peed on someone?”

I had to read that one again. Yep. That’s what the note said.

“Was it, uh, an accident?”

Peter nodded, looking miserable.

“But, it says you peed on someone’s shirt.”

“I couldn’t help it! It went up!” Peter sobbed.

Now, I have a pretty firm grasp on the concept of gravity so, I wasn’t sure I was going to buy that song and dance.

“Were you goofing around?”


A-ha. So, it was an “accident”.

I will add this one to my list of lectures I never expected to be giving.


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