The Sock Incident

Funny Business, parenting fail

My daughter is happy, smart, charming, strong-willed, and slowly making me insane.

Yesterday  morning she was having a difficult time getting ready for school. And by “difficult time” I mean she was throwing an Emmy Award-winning fit while completely naked.

After much persuading, I got her in to pants and a shirt. I also learned I am not a very good fashionista. I was told numerous times that the pink t-shirt and khaki pants I picked out were “ugly”. But then, we came to her feet. I had picked out some plain, white socks for her because all her goofy, multi-colored-Hello Kitty-sparkle-floofle-beaded-unicorn-wacky socks (Or whatever it was she actually wanted. I couldn’t tell through the hysterical snot-bubbles.) were in the wash. This was unacceptable.

Aili howled, gnashing teeth and wailing echoed in to the streets as she pitched herself on the floor. White socks?! What kind of child abuse is this?!

Eventually time ran out on our concerto of tears and it was more than time to go. I piled her shoes, my purse, and my daughter in to my arms. Then I threw a sock-less little girl and various other items needed for my day in to the back of the Suburban and skittered back to the house to grab her socks.

When I came back to the truck, Something Was Wrong.

Aili was standing next to the truck with her sour face on.

“Back in the truck,” I grumbled at her as I pulled the handle.


The handle didn’t budge.

Oh my God. She locked the door? Yup. There’s my keys on the driver’s seat, right where I threw them. She locked me out.


It’s okay! I have a spare key….in my purse….which is sitting on the passenger seat. 

Double biscuits.

Well, it looks like we will have to wait until Brandon gets back and then he can drop her off to school and me off at work…Her shoes are in the car….with my work keys.

And that’s when I decided I wanted a do-over on the whole day.


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