It’s Hockey Night in Michigan


Hockey is starting up again this year. I dodged a bullet on this one because only one of the twins wanted to skate and my daughter chose the sparkly tutus of ballet class over the hot pink laces on her brother’s hand-me-down skates. I would have had to apply for a second mortgage if all three kids wanted to skate. There is popular knowledge that hockey is expensive. Yes. It is. Very expensive. (The popular response of all Hockey Moms: Still cheaper than posting bail. If it kids the kids out of trouble and focused in school, it’s worth every penny. Hockey is fun.)

I decided I was going to be ridiculously organized this year since we only have one skater and it’s his first year on the Mite team. Robert got some hand-me-down gear, a new helmet, a new gear bag, and a deluxe roll of skate tape with little skulls on it. (Never has a Mite looked so tough…) I had all his stuff out and organized for him in the morning. We even got suited up before driving to the rink!

“What else do you need?” my husband asked as we were walking out the door.

“I’ve got this,” I sniped. I mean, Jeez! We’ve been doing this for three years now! I know what we need to bring to the rink. Plus, I only have to worry about getting ONE kid ready to skate this year. SO easy. I can’t believe he is doubting my abilities. I am a Real Hockey Mom. I grumbled about that all the way to the rink.

And then as soon as I got there, I call my husband on my cell phone.

“Uhm, can you bring me a couple hockey sticks? I…uh…forgot the sticks.”



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