The Family Portrait


We have an incredibly talented photographer friend. She is internationally published and her work is absolutely stunning. (Check her out for yourself. I am amazed every time she puts up new pictures!)

She was a natural choice when we decided we wanted a family portrait. I mean, if there is anyone on this planet who can make us look good, it’s gonna be April.

So, we set out on a beautiful fall day with color-coordinated outfits and high hopes. I have always dreamed of having a magazine-perfect picture of my family. Something that when people get a copy of it in a Christmas card, they get the mistaken impression that my children are always clean and well-behaved.

funny2And something tells me that is not going to happen.

funny3Remember, a photographer is not a miracle worker. She can only work with what you give her.

funny1Like a log. Apparently.

funny5This….is not working out.

This went on for some time and I realized I was never going to get that perfectly posed fall portrait. The greeting card-ready shot of everyone looking pristine and perfect is as attainable as a unicorn fart.  My kids have way too much energy to be caught sitting down for that long. My spirits were sagging. But, April kept snapping pictures. And look what she caught…

4 5funny60110101


I got frozen moments of my family. These moments will never happen again and there is nothing in this world that could ever be more beautiful to me.



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