Action Movie

Hockey, parenting fail

You know the scene in a really good action movie where the protagonist is trying to jump on a train as it is leaving or sliding under a closing vault door? It’s all stressful and exciting and John Williams wrote something extremely loud with a lot of horn rips to be played over the action. And then, when your guy makes if through, there is a big sigh of relief.

I almost did that!

Hockey practice was ending and Robert NEEDED a snack from the concession stand which was about to close. We were ripping gear off him at an alarming rate. The skates were off and we started running for the stand. Almost there! We can make it!!


They closed the window already. No snacks for you.

If I were the main character of an action movie, it would be incredibly short. I would get hit by a bus in the first five minutes. No contest.


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