Snack Mom

Funny Business, Recipe For Disaster

My daughter’s preschool has a rotating snack duty chart. Everyone brings in a snack for the class once or twice a month. I very desperately want to be “The Mom Who Always Brings The Best Snacks”. The first snack I did for school was a homemade, vegan fruit pizza. (I read the allergy list! No dairy! Healthy and tasty!) Our second snack was grapes and crackers that were in baggies folded to look like butterflies. Butterflies, people!!!

I was pretty sure I was a shoe-in for Best Snack Mom, until I saw my competition. I saw on the class Facebook page (I know. Don’t get me started on that.) a post from the teacher about a snack that was brought in. There was a picture of it and everything! (Yes, we have gotten to the point where even preschooler’s snacks are being Instagram’d.) That mom went with the letter theme of the week for her snack. P. Pumpkin cookies, pickles, and soft pretzels in the shape of the letter P.

Unfortunately impressive. I mean, it wasn’t a cohesive snack, but it was pretty dang cool.

I will not be outdone!! Two can play the theme snack game.

I took Aili to the grocery store with the weekly theme of “The Letter B”. (Why are we not going in alphabetical order? Not sure.) We were going to shop and learn.

“Aili, what foods start with B?” I asked her. “Buh, buh, buh….”


It was a long trip to the grocery store.

In the end, I made a fantastic little snack. I put baby carrots in cupcake wrappers with little breadsticks sticking up like straws. I made a side of homemade black bean hummus for the carrots and put some bananas in a bag for the fussy non-vegetable eaters. I included little cups and a jug of blueberry-apple juice to wash it all down.

Like a boss.

My snack was cute, healthy, on-topic, and it didn’t mix cookies and pickles. Score.

I brought my snack in with a certain amount of smugness. I mean, come on, this snack was great. The teacher peeked at my tray was I was walking by.

“Oh, great!” she crowed. “This is just like the snack the Tuesday Snack Mom brought! The kids will love having it again!”


Of course. Because we are 3 days in to the weekly theme. Someone else saw that friggin’ Facebook post and got the same idea. I would like to formally request that I am snack mom on Mondays from now on. Because, really?! Even the black bean hummus was a repeat?!

Also,Tuesday Snack Mom is a b-word.


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