It Begins…


I was in the kitchen trying to remember how to turn on the coffee machine. (There is a cruel irony of having a complex coffee maker. When it is the butt-crack of dawn, I need coffee in order to figure out how to make some…) From upstairs, I heard the muffled shouting.


All three children were hollering and I expected I was going to have to go upstairs and break up World War III. It was probably being fought over the placement of a Barbie doll shoe. I started to trek over to the staircase when I heard the rumble of a herd of children moving my way.

I moved out of the way as they thundered down the stairs. You only have to be run of by a mob of kids once to realize you never want to do that again. Their heads are very hard and they are crotch height.

They were still shouting, “NOOO! NOOOOOO!”

Excitedly? No one was angry? Wait, what fresh hell is this?

“Mama! It ‘noed!”

‘No? Snow. Oh, no…

I looked out the window and in to the darkness of the still-early morning. Yep. There was an inch of snow on the ground. Ug.

“SNOOOOW!!!” the kids hollered.

“We need our boots and ‘nowpants and mittens and….”

I am not ready for this. Also, definitely not as excited as they are.


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