Snuggle Bug Gains Independance


Since birth, my daughter has shown a strong preference for sleeping with me. by “strong preference” I mean that a night does not go by without he making at least one appearance in my bed. She usually starts off the night in my bed to get to sleep and then is moved to her own room once she’s snoring. But, inevitably, she returns in the night like Batman. Or a ninja.

I’ve seen it happen and its impressive. She quietly creeps in to the room. If you aren’t 100% awake, you miss this act. Then, she carefully pulls out the drawer under my bed so it doesn’t squeak. She uses the drawer as a stepping stool to propel her (usually nude) butt in to my bed. She slips under the covers at my feet. Her head poking out of the covers down by where our feet go because she discovered we are less likely to wake up if she does that. If you are awake, you’ll hear a contented little sigh after she is done scootching in to a comfortable position.

Since we have cats, there is a good chance no one will wake up and remove her. We assume the solid mass at the foot of the bed is Artie. (Funny story: Once I thought Artie was sleeping on my feet and I kicked him off the bed because it was getting annoying. Yep. I kicked my daughter and pushed her off the bed. Oops.)

This happens at least once a night so, we are very used to interrupted sleep. But, last night, my little girl stayed in her bed ALL NIGHT LONG.

It was wonderful! Glorious! Outstanding!

I slept like garbage. My routine was altered and I kept waking up. BOO.


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