Peter on Politics

Funny Business, parenting fail

Sometimes I forget that my children are little sponges who can selectively suck up every single word they hear. (As punishment for forgetting, I will eventually be put in the embarrassing position of having to explain why my child has called a classmate a “juice bag”, I’m sure…)

We were in the car when Peter decided to use his listening ears. NPR was on and they were doing a story on a particular politician with a penchant for, uh, “photography” and the inability to understand the public nature of Twitter.

“Mom!” shouted Peter. “Did they just say “wiener” on the radio?!”

“They did,” I replied. “That’s the name of a man. Anthony Wiener.”

“His name is Wiener?!” I glanced in the rearview mirror. This was earth shattering news. It was turning his entire world upside down. His mouth was hanging open in shock. It was really hard not to laugh.


“You can’t be called that! Don’t they know that is inappropriate?!” Peter was visibly shaken.

I chuckled to myself because the news story was fairly discreet and didn’t say exactly WHY Anthony Wiener became a household name. (His bologna had a first name, if you know what I mean.)

I wonder how scandalized Peter would be if he was on Twitter…


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