I am Being Replaced By a Nugget

parenting fail

If I were the emotional type, I would probably have spent tonight sitting in a corner, crying, and eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

But, I am totally not doing that! I am a vegan and I can’t have any of their ice creams.

I was listening to the boys talk tonight and I overheard Peter say something that almost drove me to the arms of both Ben and Jerry.

“I wish X’s mom was our mom. She would be so much more fun!”

Oh, the horror! My heart! Hear it shatter in to a million pieces! Oh, how will I carry on?! The horror, the horror, the overly dramatic mother throwing herself in to a chaise lounge and sighing absurdly!

I tried to find a creative way to find out why I was inadequate to my children without them noticing I knew what they were saying and that it killed me a little inside.

“Why do you like X’s mom more than me?!” I asked Peter.

Because I am smooth. Really flying under the radar there, Madre.

Peter tried to avoid the question but I eventually pried it out of him that his friend’s mom works at McDonald’s and Peter firmly believes that they get to have Happy Meals every day and play at the play place and that is what makes her a superior mother.

That made me feel a little better until I realized that meant my kid would pretty much throw me under the bus for a McFlurry.




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