The Grinch Who Stole Halloween


Twas the night before Halloween so to Target we went,
There were snacks to be made, money to be spent.

The children fit the store’s marketing profile to a tee,
Whilst Mother was questioning her sanity.

After treats of orange and black filled the cart,
To the cash register the family did start.

When all the items were bagged, what did Mother spy?
A thieving attempt by her small fry!

With rage in her voice and fury in her eyes,
She demanded to know where he had hidden his prize.

The young lad cowered to hide his deed,
But Mother took away his stolen goods without heed.

To the service counter, the pair enterprised,
Where the young man hastily apologized.

To the car he was compelled to go,
The straight to bed, not too slow.

As he skittered up the stairs, full of shame,
Mother called out in a voice none too tame:

“Get up to bed! You bet I am keen,
To say tomorrow I cancel Halloween!!!”


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