Good Morning!

parenting fail

Do you have trouble waking up from a mid-day nap? Well, I used to  have this problem. Let me tell you how I rather suddenly cured myself from mid-day nap….not wanting to wake up-ed-ness.

My husband and I were driving home from choir practice and we were about one block from home. From the main road, you can see our backyard and the back of our house. I was lightly snoozing in the car.

“Are the kids on the roof?!” my husband asked.

I shot awake, saw my boys climbing out of their window and on to the roof of the back porch and immediately bolted out of the car. I tucked and rolled and started running at top speed through the neighbor’s yard ala Ferris Bueller.

As soon as the boys saw me coming, they knew they were caught so they skittered up the roof and back in to the window. I roared around the yard, in the house, past a befuddled looking babysitter (who was clearly unaware of what they had been up to), and up the stairs to rain my wrath down upon my children.

I pulled out all the greatest hits on that one. The ever popular, “You Could Have Been Killed”, one popularized by my mother entitled, “What On Earth Were You Thinking?!”, and of course the classic 1987 hit single, “You Scared Me Half to Death, Young Man! You Are Grounded Until Further Notice. Are You Aware How Dangerous That Was? Look At Me While I Am Talking to You. This is Serious!”

About ten minutes after that incident, I realized exactly how fast I went from drooling on myself to Action Mom. Dang. Adrenaline is some stuff…


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