Top 5 Signs You Are Too Busy

Funny Business, parenting fail

5. Your kitchen is a house of horrors. Frozen foods are in the pantry, there’s a phone in the fridge, and if you could figure out where you put the brown sugar, it would be a miracle. On the plus side, you found out peanut butter freezes well. Multiple times.

4. There is a hockey bag, a dance bag, a swim bag, and a scouting bag in your trunk because you never remember which night each of those things happen. (Hint: at least 2 will be on the same, night 30 minutes apart, and on different ends of the county.)

3. Having dinner at the dinner table is becoming rare. (As opposed to the “dinner car seat” which is being used at an alarming rate.)

2. The cats are no longer sure who you are and don’t start to trust you until you feed them or give them a treat. (Or, perhaps they are just smarter than me and are totally playing me for bonus snacks….crafty little buggers….)

1. Your daughter puts her art projects in the dryer because she knows you have to open it before getting dressed in the morning.


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