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I know in some circles it’s considered uncouth to throw back the curtains and be a self-aware blog that talks about….blog stuff. But, one of the biggest amusements of my week is when I check the search terms that bring people to this particular blog. I have to share because, really, it’s funny to me and 1. People actually typed this in to Google, 2. It mysteriously brought them HERE.

This Week’s Top 10 Search Terms People Used to Get to Mompocalypse:

  1. Does Caillou have cancer  –  Answer: No. He’s just so G-D whiny, his hair literally fell off in protest.
  2. Do parents have blogs about hating Caillou – YES.
  3. Butt naked toddlers – NO.
  4. 10 reasons why I hate Caillou – It’s been over a year since I posted the Caillou hate and it is still getting traffic. I am impressed that I am not the only one who sees the light.
  5. Why is Caillou so whiny – Because somewhere in Canada there is a children’s programming executive who hates us all.
  6. Ninja bare butt – HI-YA. Wait. What?
  7. How to get Silly Putty out of eyelashes – You won’t find the answer here, but you WILL find someone who can sympathize.
  8. Those are some rad shoesYes, they are.
  9. Questionable parenting – Pretty much.
  10. Beckwith Wiedemann face – Okay. I want to start a band called Beckwith-Wiedemann Face. It’ll rock your rad shoes off.

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