O Christmas Tree

Funny Business

After all the drama around the Christmas tree yesterday, I was a little sour to the idea of actually decorating it and the house. But, while I was getting Aili up and out of bed, (She looks destroyed in the mornings. That girl is NOT a morning person so it’s always a long process.) the boys took it upon themselves to decorate the house. I wanted to be upset, but they were so darn proud of themselves. After a stress-filled night, Peter had decided this would not only be fun for them, but it would be helping me and giving me less work. How can you be mad at that? Bonus: It was early in the morning so Robert was still kind of sleepy. The decorating didn’t short-circuit him and he stayed focused and pleasant.

There are some weird parts to their decorating ideas, though. For example, my couch has been adorned with strings of white lights and that is not something I generally, or ever, would want to do. (There is really nothing like planting your butt right on an LED bulb. Ow.) But, they did a nice job on the tree itself. I guess. My perfectionist nature wants on some level (ALL LEVELS) to adjust everything on the tree and make it all even and picture-ready, but I really love that they did it all themselves and it looks cute. (But, seriously. Decorating the tree is My Thing. I have it down to a science. It is really hard for me to not touch the tree…) I always loved taking over decorating the tree and putting all my favorite ornaments up when I was little so, I am trying to relax and let them do the same thing. They will love having this memory of being independent and doing something nice without Mom “fixing” it behind them. But, you have no idea how much the cluster of blue glass bulbs on the lowest bough is bothering me right now. And the spare tree topper that they put halfway down the tree. It’s a giant snowman and it looks like it is molesting a little robot ornament. But, if I start touching it, they will continue to re-decorate the tree on a daily basis and that would make me even crazier.

Do you think if I adjusted it just a little they would notice?

Christmas tree OCD, folks.


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