Cat vs Tree


I feel like I am obsessively talking about Christmas WAY too early this year. Sorry about that. I promise I am not trying to be hyper-commercialized and create a spirit of consumerism in my home, but the tree is pretty and that KMart commercial makes me laugh.

(Is that not hilarious? Also, it’s currently rustling the jimmies of the One Million Moms collective, which just makes this commercial even better in my eyes. I mean, really? You’re going to protest this? Would you protest a guy playing volleyball on the beach? HE MIGHT WIGGLE IN SHORTS! OH FOR SHAME!)

Bah humbug.

But, to return to my original intention…I have another Christmas tree story.

Both of our cats came to live with us last February. One from a shelter, one from a friend who was moving. They love people but are still not sure they like each other. We have, obviously, never celebrated Christmas with the cats so we weren’t sure how they would react to the decorations.

Artie has done a good job of ignoring the tree. He will sniff it occasionally and if an ornament is on the floor, he will bat it around (because he’s a good cat but he’s not dead, for crying out loud), but he’s not actively knocking them down. So, he may survive the holidays.

Sophie, on the other hand, might be made in to a hat soon because she is making me crazy. She cannot stop bothering the tree. She wants to rub her face on every branch and lick all the ornaments. This dopey cat has been coated in glitter for the last few days. She looks like a ridiculous craft project gone very wrong. I’ve also seen her look longingly at the top of the tree. God help her if she tries climbing it.

Well, every time she goes to the tree, she gets squirted or whistled at because I am not in the mood to watch her fell a tree in my living room. That is usually enough to persuade her to find something else to do. But, she’s getting increasingly frustrated with it all. The last time I whistled her away from the tree, she stalked over to a throw pillow that was sitting on the floor and flopped down next to it. She wrapped her paws around the pillow and started bunny-kicking it with her back feet while staring at me.

I am pretty sure I just had my life threatened by a cat. And I am not sure the tree will survive the night.



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