This is for the parents out there…

Remember when Friday nights meant going out, having a drink or seven, and being completely oblivious to the fact that that kind of an evening would be almost a complete impossibility just a few years later.


My long-suffering husband has been working his butt off to get his nursing degree. Tonight is the annual nursing ball and he got tickets for us to go. Now, I would have been content to leave it at that. BUT, IT GETS BETTER. My mother offered to take all three kids for a sleepover. ALL THREE! This is unheard of! I get a night out AND a child-free house to come home to! We can, you know…..

I am clearly talking about watch a movie at midnight as loud as we want without risking waking up children. Pervert.

It’s okay to be jealous.

I know I will probably have one drink while we are out and then whine I am tired and want to go home by 9:30, but we get to go out like real people for a few hours! WOO!


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