Swimming Champ!


Peter wanted to join the local swim team this year. He had participated in swim lessons before and I have seen him swim like a fish so, it sounded like a great idea at the time.

A few weeks before try-outs, I decided to test Peter’s abilities. I knew he had to swim the length of a pool without assistance to get on to the team.

We tried and tried, but it was no use. Peter just couldn’t make it all the way down the pool. He was a little bummed so I told him he could do some more intensive swim lessons to prepare for next year. (As a former swim instructor, I can be a lessons snob. I can, in great length, tell you what makes up a good swim lesson versus a mediocre or even bad lesson. And don’t get me started on flotation devices…)

So, in the middle of September, he started his new lessons. I knew the curriculum because I used to teach the same style of lessons. It was really weird to have my son recite the same rhymes about safety I used to teach on a daily basis. (“Reach or throw, don’t go!”)

This weekend was his last class and, amazingly, he passed with flying colors! These lessons really boosted his confidence and he is almost ready to start swimming “for real”. I asked him if he thought he would be ready for swim team next year if we took another round of lessons. He seemed doubtful.

“I thought you wanted to join the swim team, Peter,” I said.

“Well, yeah, but….You get suckers when you pass a level in lessons. Maybe I should just do lessons forever.”

Oh, Peter…


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