The Big Day


Today is the day. Robert will be meeting with someone in regards to his difficulties concentrating, behaving, and existing in polite society. Keep your fingers crossed.


We just got back from our first appointment. Robert saw a few familiar faces at the office so, he liked that. And the appointment lasted much longer than his attention span so, the professional we were meeting with got to see what an idle Robert does. (Fusses, bites, picks at his own skin, obsesses about leaving to get gloves…)

Going in, I had this nagging fear that even after everything that has happened, they would look at him and say, “He’s normal, you are the problem.” I will probably always doubt it a little bit. Maybe if I read him a different book as a baby or didn’t let him watch a certain cartoon…. I don’t think that will ever stop for me. I guess I would rather be the one with a problem.

But, we started a plan and will be working very soon with a case manager so, that’s great. Now we can have a great Thanksgiving!


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