Goalie Pads


After a long 2 games against the biggest Mite hockey team I have ever seen (seriously, I think some of these kids had to shave between periods and one of them mentioned he was late for his shift at Burger King), Robert’s coach pulled him aside and said the thing we’ve been hoping for and dreading since the beginning of the season.

“Want to take the goalie pads home today?”

Robert was over the moon. He’s been wanting to try goal since he realized it was an option. As awesome as having him play goal would be for me (who doesn’t love a goalie?!), I did not find myself looking forward to it. I mean, have you seen a set of goalie pads? Not only are they ridiculously expensive to purchase, but they look like giant Chinese finger traps. And from what I gather, they are infinitely more difficult to get in and out of.

The coach walked me through how to put them on Robert, thankfully. I left with a good understanding of how they go on. Of course, a few hours later…no idea. I completely purged that information unintentionally. The big ones go on his legs. I think. And the stick is bigger. There are a lot of buckles and straps. It reminds me a little of a straight jacket. (It might be oddly satisfying to get Robert in these, actually.)

I told Robert we would have to practice putting them on before his first practice on Tuesday and he looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently this is going to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. He only wants to put them on when it’s time to get on the ice and does not want to lay down for me to practice on him beforehand. (I remember learning something about that. You have to lay on the ground on top of the leg pads. I guess. I’m going to be honest, I can tell you what it going on on the ice and I love the game, but putting on hockey gear is still completely foreign to me. I struggle with the snaps on Robert’s helmet still and I have been dressing him for three years.)

I may just have to do what the kids do when they want to dress someone up but no one else is willing to play.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty….



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