Merry Day-After-Christmas!


Is it safe to come out yet? Is the tree gone? How about all that candy?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if that’s what you celebrate. If that isn’t what you celebrate, I hope you had a great Wednesday and no one made reference to that stupid camel from the insurance commercial.

My kids were spoiled rotten with presents. They got everything they wanted and then some. My living room is full of trains, Legos, and Barbie shoes. (My feet are already ticked off about this situation.) Seeing all the stuff they got from doting grandparents and godparents along with the things we got them, it makes me pretty glad we don’t do Santa.

*screeching record sound*

Yes, I said that correctly. We don’t celebrate Santa. Personally, I am not sure how the modern fat dude helps tell the story of Christmas so, I have edited him out. The kids get three gifts and a stocking. The three gifts are to mirror the three gifts Jesus was given by the wise men and the stocking….well, that’s just fun. I really have no explanation for that one other than I like doing it. I think it’s my Dutch heritage that draws me toward putting gifts in foot coverings. You can’t fight your nature sometimes.

It really simplifies the season. I want the kids to have a fun Christmas, but I also want them to understand the point of the season isn’t shopping and presents and everything the TV tells you from October through December.

The boys were willing to accept this story but, when I Strongly Suggested we spend part of our Christmas day serving dinner to elderly folks who had no family in the area at a church, they looked at me like I was insane. They helped a little, but they spent most of their time sitting in the corner playing Angry Birds on my phone. Aili was my real super star helper. She set tables, counted cups, and ate whatever she was given from the kitchen to taste test. She got lots of attention from the little old ladies so, she was in her element. If she wouldn’t have gotten pooped out, she would have stayed all day.

All in all, it was a perfect couple of days. We had fun, did good, saw family, and opened presents.

Happy Holidays!

The Christmas Morning New Clothing Fashion Show

The Christmas Morning New Clothing Fashion Show


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