Ruining My Routine


I like to get up super early in the morning, have a slow cup of coffee, and then go to the gym to run or (if no one else is there) experiment with the elliptical or the spinning bikes. After working up a good sweat, I come home for another cup of coffee and some Mom Time. I’ll watch the news or do some laundry. Sometimes I will prep dinner or do a little baking. After a couple hours of that, I wake the kids up and we all get going with the meat and potatoes of our days.

I was all set for that kind of morning, but I got a shadow instead.

Little Miss Aili woke up with me this morning. I tried to tuck her back in to bed, but she pulled a boomerang on me and came right back to me. She looked VERY awake. Leaving her to roam the house was out of the question so, I skipped the gym.

She cuddled up next to me on the couch with a fleece blanket and the game pad my mom got her for Christmas. She started chattering about her game so, I had to turn the news down to hear her.

I was just about  to make my second cup of coffee when she looked at me with her big, blue eyes and asked if we could make some waffles. That cup never got made, but the waffles did.

My routine was completely destroyed this morning. I didn’t do any of the things I always do. But, I did get a lot of Aili Time and, honestly, that beats Mom Time any day. I highly suggest ruining your routine every once in a while.


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