A Mom’s New Year Resolution


I don’t usually have resolutions for the new year because I am notoriously bad at them. I really want to stick with it, but I never do. So far nothing has really kept me motivated long enough to carry out my resolutions so, I just refrain. I can tell the universe that this is the year I run in to a running super star and do a super marathon but, chances are if I make that promise, I will not follow through. So, I am going to make a different kind of resolution this year. It’s not going to be about cutting out refined sugars or working out like a beast every day. I resolve to be Mom. Not the BEST mom, not Super Mom, just Mom.

I resolve to enjoy the ride. I have been impatient because I want things to happen on my time table. But, that is not how children work. I am going to love on Robert when he is being sweet and be patient with him when he is not. It will be okay. And even when things go wrong, be positive. Last night Aili fell at daycare and knocked a tooth loose. It will be okay, it’s not the end of the world. She looked at me to determine how scared she should be about the whole situation. Internally, I was super grossed out and I wanted to cry with her but, I gave her a big hug, told her it would be okay, and she looked like she almost believed me.

I resolve to be The Advocate. Robert is going to need someone in his corner in the coming months with all the testing and appointments he has to determine what is going on with him. I need to fight for his best interests. On top of that, both Robert and Peter still need surgeries for their tongues. I need to fight for that as well. It’s time to put on my Big Girl armor and go to battle. My kids deserve the best that I can give them so, I need to stand up and expect it. I don’t want them to be entitled, but they need to see that second-rate medical care is not something they should be willing to take.

I resolve to give big sloppy hugs and kisses every day and embarrass the pants off my kids. If nothing else, this will be fun for me because I know my boys will be horrified by this. Nothing is quite as satisfying as chasing your kid through the house while shouting, “LET ME LOVE YOU!” And they are little. They might pretend they don’t need someone to love all over them, but they do. They can act big and tough during the day, but around bed time, Mama’s lap is prime real estate and everyone wants a snuggle.

I think those resolutions are simple enough that I can handle them without total failure but also impactful (not a word?) enough that they will make my house a little happier. I’d also like to resolve that this is the year I might sort of kind of MAYBE run a marathon. But, no promises!



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