Across the state today you can hear the collective joy of all the school children who are learning today that winter break has been extended by a day due to the extreme cold. You can also hear the grinding of teeth of all the parents who were really, REALLY hoping the kids would be going back to school today.

Before the cold hit, we had a hockey tournament this weekend in a town about an hour away. Robert was actually excited about it! And he actually participated!

I have probably mentioned before that Robert’s style of hockey playing usually resembles that of a baseball player who is busy picking daisies in the outfield. He will slowly skate around the action, generally oblivious to what is going on and where the puck is.

But, this weekend he had a change of heart. He was actively getting in to the pack, chasing the puck down, and even trying to shoot it a couple times! I was impressed! It was like something finally clicked for him and he decided it was time to really play hockey.

So, while the kids across the state go stir crazy in their houses today, I will escape to work (if the car starts in this cold) with warm, fuzzy thoughts about my little mite.

Stay warm!


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