The Longest Winter Break Ever


I understand it’s cold, I really do. But, please please PLEASE let the schools be opened tomorrow.

With the bitterly cold temperatures, schools closed again today, extending our winter break by another day. We are running on 3 weeks of break and without the ability to play outside due to the cold, we are all going crazy.

We have watched every movie, played every video game, put every single Lego on the floor like a budget home security system, and played with every toy ever.

I am actually extremely relieved that I have to go to work because I will avoid most of the squabbling, shouting, and running around the house that the kids will, no doubt, participate in. I mean, we do all that stuff at work, too but our shenanigans are cheeky and fun there. And we have a continuous supply of coffee. But if we get crabby, there is no one to tell us to go take a nap. So, it’s not a perfect situation. We make do.

Long story short, pray for Brandon’s patience and sanity as he wrangles the children all day indoors. And pray REALLY HARD that it warms up for tomorrow and they can finally go back to school!



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