Day 19 of winter break, 3rd ‘Cold Day’ in a row.

Send help. Not much food left. Patience gone.

All work and no play makes Tina a dull girl.


School was called off again yesterday afternoon and everyone at work immediately began complaining.


“Just wear a hat! It’s not that cold!”

“No. Please, no!”

I mean, seriously. 3 days off in a row right on the tail of vacation is torture for parents. It’s like The Shining in here.

We got so desperate to find something to do last night, we bundled up and drove out to the ski jump hill. That in itself felt like the start of a horror movie. It’s pitch dark out there and you have to travel a snow-packed, winding dirt road without street lights through the woods. Of course, there was no one out ski jumping last night because it was about -15* without the windchill at that point. But, our cabin fever-riddled brains held out hope until we got right up to the fenced in area and it was all dark and locked up.

We then drove home the long way.The EXTREMELY long way.

Hopefully this ends today and we warm up a little tomorrow so the kids can finally go back to school. Because if it doesn’t, I would like to formally request Jake Gyllenhaal comes to my living room because if we are going to be living in The Day After Tomorrow, I would at least like some eye candy to look at while we freeze to death.


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