The Dress


I thought last night was going to be so exciting for Aili. Despite the cold, the dance studio Aili goes to mercifully opened for lessons last evening. (I am sure they were just as tired of being closed as we were.) Not only was it the first dance session in a long time, but it was also costume night! The costumes we ordered back in September were finally in for the Story Ballet that is being put on at the end of this month.

There was a flurry activity as we dressed all the wiggly little girls in their costumes to make sure they fit. I popped Aili’s on her and spun her around to face the wall of mirrors and…

She burst in to tears.

That wasn’t exactly the reaction I was expecting. All the other little girls were admiring themselves in the mirror, Aili was sobbing.

She didn’t like the costume. In fact, she HATED the costume. She buried her head in to my side and resisted my attempts to take a picture of her or show her how cute she looked in the mirror.

To her credit, it’s probably not what I would have picked. The Story Ballet has, surprise, a storyline to it and Aili’s ballet class is playing little nurses. (I am really curious what the heck kind of story this is going to be.The choreography thus far really hasn’t helped shed any light on the context.) And the costume is, well, it’s sort of a nurse-ish type…um….let me just show you what we are working with here:

Obviously Not Aili

Obviously Not Aili

It’s not exactly….It’s a little, um….

Let’s not mince words anymore. If this came in bigger sizes, this is a Slutty Nurse Halloween costume. Add to this the fact that we have to go all Honey Boo Boo with stage makeup and you have a perfect storm. I honestly don’t blame Aili for hating it. When she was told she was going to be a nurse, she was picturing what her father wears to work. She was hoping for brightly colored scrubs. (Atta girl!) This costume was not at all what she was hoping for. And for the record, her father is equally unimpressed. He keeps grumbling about sending her to the performance in a child-sized set of scrubs to make a point.

After dance, Aili and I talked about the costume. I knew why I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but I wanted to know what she didn’t like about it. She told me she wouldn’t wear it because it was red and she hates red. She said this as she pulled on a pair of red sweatpants so, I took that one with a grain of salt.

“I’ll only wear it if I can wear lipstick,” she fussed. She clearly thought I was going to say no because, stage makeup aside, I am very anti-makeup on little kids. But, this was actually killing two birds with one stone because I needed to figure out how to get her made up for the show without her pitching a fit.

“Absolutely!” I told her delighted little face.

Crisis averted. For now.


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